How Network
Security will influence
businesses in 2022?


With the Covid-19 Pandemic, the world is still trying to get back with its regular routines. The majority of the businesses have adopted work from home culture to prevent organizations from taking any further damage. Hybrid work environments are proving to be vital to keep the businesses afloat and provide better services for the clients. Shifting from office culture to remote working policy has allowed the companies to get back on their feet. With the changing times, network security is becoming more and more vital. With businesses shifting to cloud and global networks, threats of being exposed to cyber threats have also increased significantly. Now the security teams have to be more vigilant to provide flawless network security so that the company’s confidential data and employees’ details won’t get in the hand of the wrong people.

Network Security

Cyber Attacks on the Network

Unfortunately, working on a shared network has allowed the bad people an opportunity to exploit the company by getting into the network by crooked means. The employees use the same device for work and personal life and cyber-attacks on one shared network can expose the personal lives of employees easily. With the security breaches like Ransomware, businesses have to stay on their toes to act swiftly and nullify the adverse effects. Organizations are now spending more money to keep the network security up-to-date and making sure there are fewer and fewer opportunities for the bad people to exploit. Along with providing network security, it is also essential to educate the employees on not getting trapped by the tricks of cybercriminals.

With the shared network, everything is connected and bad people have multiple opportunities to get into the network by exploiting any of the nodes. Therefore, the companies have to choose network security solutions that can offer consistent services regarding security and visibility across the convergent infrastructure.

How SaaS can be a Threat?

Software-as-a-services or SaaS can expose your systems to the domino effect. Third-party service providers might give you more freedom with features but at the same time make your organization susceptible to cyber attacks. In hybrid work models, the companies often reach out to third parties for services that can help them in digital transformation. In doing so, the companies rely heavily on their network security and bad actors only have to exploit one device to initiate a domino effect. With the shared network, if one device is compromised, slowly, the whole network will be under the control of cybercriminals.

How to deal with cyber threats?

While adopting hybrid network models, one thing that companies missed is the control over their cloud network just like the control over the on-premises network. Cybercriminals will attack only if the reward is higher than the efforts. If your system is prone to cyber-attacks easily, you won’t be able to survive in the competitive industry. Companies need to start acting on a risk-based approach and identify the weak spots in their network. After identifying, the right security protocols need to be placed keeping in view of the future updates making those protocols fool-proof. The detailed security analysis of software before deploying it across the network is becoming the new normal. With all kinds of protocols in place, bad actors will think twice before trying to exploit the company because your company is way ahead of the curve of becoming a target.

With cybercrimes on regular basis, there is digital unrest among the major companies. They want to grow at an exponential rate but don’t want their companies to become a target for cybercriminals. By adopting advanced network security solutions, companies can stay one step ahead and select adequate network security service providers like SilverTouch with top-notch security services and ensure business continuity in the “New Normal” digital era.