The data center transformation / modernization service offers design, planning, faster, more secure, more flexible, higher availability, better performance, easier to use.

From the entire infrastructure to the applications that run on top of it, STTL can help improve and streamline every aspect of your data center to run optimally with minimal management.

IT environment assessment is the best starting point for most IT initiatives. In this consultative engagement, Silver Touch’s certified solution architects take a detailed look at your network, data storage, and security controls, compiling a complete picture of your infrastructure.

dt assesment

Why Assess the Data Center IT Environment?

Performance Issues

The design of your Data Center Infrastucture should reflect the need of your organization. Changing operations leads to performance bottlenecks, Technology assessment can identify such things.

Security Concerns

Your Datacenter Infrastructure might be vulnerable to cyberattacks and data breaches. Silver Touch can help identify these vulnerabilities and provide an effective remediation plan.

DC Solutions Upgrade

Before implementing a new application or infrastructure solution, you need to determine whether your IT environment is ready to support it and allow for maximum performance.

dct deliver

After our IT Assessment, detailed report will be delivered along with recommendations from expert for upgrades and enhancements of your IT Infrastructure.

Key Benefits

Improved productivity

Able to guarantee the
end-user experience

Reduced downtime

Improved performance
and stability

Data Center Planning and Designing

In today’s world of being “on” 24/7, data centers are at the core of business and viewed as the way to create competitive differentiation. Speed, efficiency, flexibility, and scale are now critical for winning the race to meet new connectivity and processing demands caused by the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data. Data centers enable the right insight to make better business decisions.

Planning data center projects remains a major challenge. Planning mistakes often propagate through later deployment phases, resulting in delays, cost overruns, wasted time and, potentially, a compromised system.

Silver Touch has put together practical steps that include:

  • Clear methodologies
  • At-a-glance calculators and tools
  • A comprehensive library of reference designs to simplify and shorten planning process
  • Success stories and best practices

Data Center Deployment and Migration

Growing and expanding your business is an incredibly exciting, but stressful time. There are different aspects to consider during the process, including server, storage space and computer needs.

How will opening a new location affect your servers? What are the costs associated with installing software on new computers? You need an assistant to manage your solutions and help make migrating to a new location and installing software a breeze.

Why Data Center Deployment & Migration is very important

Transfers Quickly

The biggest tech headache when opening a new location is transferring your files and accessing servers. We quickly set up your computers, network and other tech devices to make moving easier and hassle-free.

Maximizes Productivity

Outdated servers and other hardware can drain your team’s productivity and increase downtime. By migrating your servers & deploying new solutions, we keep your technology running in peak condition.

Monitors 24/7

It takes a hands-on partner to keep your systems performing appropriately all time. We monitor your systems 24/7 to ensure you experience less downtime and more business continuity.

Key Benefits

Impartial evaluation of your existing data infrastructure

Professionally developed timeline for full migration and deployment

Expert management of data migration and associated troubleshooting

Minimized server cutover time

Thorough testing of new technology for performance & stability

Major savings of time, money and manpower

Data Center Operations & Maintenance

Technology isn’t fool proof, no matter how well it satisfies your IT challenges. But do you have someone who you can call when things go wrong? You need a partner that not only fixes your servers, network, computers and other tech devices but also proactively monitors your systems to prevent them from breaking in the first place. Don’t let unreliable solutions and support add to your stress, get a partner that does exactly what they say they’ll do

Why Data Center Repair & Maintenance play important role

Removes Threats

Security breaches are the leading cause of your downtime and frustrations. We maintain your systems to eliminate risks, close gaps to keep you worry less about downtime and other threats and focus on what really matters — your business.

Strengthens Tools

You use technology tools every day to enhance your productivity and help you finish projects. With routine device repair and maintenance, we update your systems and test performances to promote a longer tech life expectancy.

Monitors 24/7

Providing the repair and maintenance your technology needs requires proactive action. We monitor your systems 24/7 to locate vulnerabilities, prevent downtime and equip your business with the support you need.