Security Monitoring & Management

  • Information, cyber, IT, and computer security are all terms that we often use interchangeably
  • With the growing number of threats facing organizations both from without and within, IT surveillance teams are a critical part of the SOC.
  • It will be applied at multiple levels, including network, cloud, endpoint and application levels.
  • Our experienced IT surveillance teams are implementing the necessary practices and taking advantage of tools like SIEM, UEBA and SOAR, you can rest assured that your IT environment and applications are much safer.
Security Operations Center

Security Operations Center

At SOC we have an information surveillance team who ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your information.

The main idea behind this SOC services is to make sure that all information system like websites, networks, data etc., are defended in a secure way. Our team is always connected with a client anywhere in the world to provide the guide and support to counter the surveillance threat quickly.

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Cloud Security

It is powerful and reliable surveillance mechanism when the processes between the customer, the cloud service providers, and the Cloud provider are followed and aligned. Therefore, Silver Touch Technologies always takes into account the organization’s needs and carefully analyzes the available options.

With these measures, it becomes possible to focus on other aspects of business management, without spending so much time, staff, and resources to ensure information security.

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Network Security

It is your front-line defense that protects the data from all kinds of breaches and threats. Online data and privacy are vital for businesses and protecting the data of the clients is the top priority of the companies as well. A fully-functioning network security system protects the organization from data breaches and the online person with access can get into the network protecting the business at all costs. Read more about the ins and outs of network security here.

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Endpoint Security

It is a technique to protect an enterprise endpoint network (from malicious activity) when it is accessed by end-user devices, like laptops and smartphones. It is much more advanced than traditional anti-viruses and offers an effective system to detect, analyze, block, and contain cyber attacks. An ever-increasing number of remote workers mean more endpoints that must be secured to prevent costly breaches.

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Vulnerability Assessment &
Penetration Testing

Business growth, digitalisation and the evolving threat landscape create constant surveillance challenges for your organisation. The majority of cyber security incidents are the result of attackers exploiting publicly disclosed vulnerabilities to gain access to systems and networks. Attackers will, often indiscriminately, seek to exploit vulnerabilities as soon as they have been disclosed. So it is important to install security updates as soon as possible to protect your organisation.

Cyber attackers are always looking for gaps and vulnerabilities in your system that can be exploited. Hence, it’s imperative to identify and resolve those flaws to prevent surveillance breaches.

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