How Cloud and Mobility Solutions Make Your Business Recession-Proof

Published: Dec 29, 2021  |  By admin  |  Updated: Jun 27, 2023
cloud and mobility solutions

The COVID-19 pandemic has a disastrous effect on the world economy. As per the World Bank analysis, “Coronavirus pandemic and ensuing lockdowns in several parts of the world have led to a recession unmatched in eight decades.” From February 2020 to December 2020, the coronavirus outbreak has not only made our lives complicated but also kept entrepreneurs on their toes.

The coronavirus-inflicted recession amid a lot of uncertainties and panic has caused big damage in the corporate world. It may lead to a prolonged slump in the post-pandemic phase. Therefore, it is imperative for entrepreneurs and business persons to implement recession-proof business practices. Thankfully, advancing technology lends a helping hand in this turbulent time. This blog discusses the role of cloud and mobility solutions trends to make businesses survive and thrive in the years to come.

V-Shape Recovery is Not Visible

Let’s face it. The World Bank has predicted that the global economy will shrink by 5.2% by the end of this year that will trigger the deepest recession after the end of the second world war. Even if the world will come out of this crisis, it will take years for the economy and business to return to normalcy or pre-crisis levels. What’s more, the full return of the economy to the pre-crisis level will become more challenging over the period.

In such a complicated scenario, you need to keep your business recession-proof. Entrepreneurs, workers, and investors have to make plans and implement recession-proof business practices for handling the post-COVID era. There, custom software development and cloud technology come into the picture. Let’s dig deep into the importance of embracing cloud and mobility trends for keeping business away from economic distress.

How Cloud and Mobility Solutions Help?

A reputed Cloud and mobility solutions provider monitor, manage, and update the business software to keep your enterprise up and running in any situation. Unlike typical on-premise solutions, customized cloud and mobility solutions are highly secure and capable of handling the recession phase without spending more money. Though an IT consulting company can cast light on this aspect, we can mention here that cloud technology can reduce the IT operational cost significantly.

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The Work-from-Home (WFH) trend has become a need of the hour in this corona age. The custom application development company can build remote work collaboration software based on cloud technology to overcome the challenges of the WFH concept. It is possible to reduce expenses and enhance the morale of employees with customized mobility solutions. Also, enterprises can utilize RPA (Robotic Process Automation) solutions to automate work processes and transform their business model from paper-based to digital.

Simply put, cloud-based software and mobility solutions can improve collaboration cost-effectively and empower businesses to remain productive amid crisis. Here are some of the top examples of mobility trends that remain helpful to modern businesses to remain recession-proof.

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software– Poor handling of the client’s queries can cost an enterprise a lot in this pandemic period. Many companies find it difficult to maintain telecom customer support services with a reduced staff. There, CRM software can help them fill the communication gap. An established custom application development company can build a feature-rich CRM tool to give the business a 360-degree view of customer queries. The tool also fetched customer data and help entrepreneurs understand the customer’s behavior.
  • Video Conferencing Solution– This is categorically helpful in managing the WFH practice. Customized web conferencing tools remain very handy in this quarantine phase because they provide highly interactive Audio Video experiences to employers and employees alike. Whether it is discussing the new project or giving a presentation, the video conferencing solution is always ready to take your business to a new level. You can consult a reliable IT solutions provider to build a tailored conferencing app.
  • Virtual Hiring– It is not possible to call candidates at the office for an interview due to the lockdowns and social distancing norms. Here, Virtual Hiring and On-Boarding processes can make a difference. These processes are based on cloud technology and involve mobility trends to enhance the value of your business. Virtual screening and hiring processes can improve the employee’s engagement level while bringing automation. Video interviews can be organized using the cloud and mobility trends.
  • Collaboration Tools– A custom software development company can build advanced tools to enable remote working teams to communicate and collaborate effectively. These tools can streamline business processes by providing a real-time communication facility. Other key features of such collaboration tools include instant messaging, video conferencing, and task management.

Entrepreneurs can also find the right cloud and mobility solutions solutions provider to build bespoke solutions for file management and mobile payments. All such aspects can contribute to keeping your business recession-proof and attracting more customers.

Concluding Lines

Enterprise mobility solutions can assist you to improve employee productivity, reduce operational cost, and ensure data security while offering better customer services. The Cloud technology, on the other hand, can bring automation to your business processes while remaining scalable to meet changing needs. It is fair to mention that cloud and mobility trends will help enterprises keep up with the new normal even during this recessionary time.

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