Accelerate Access to Cloud Workloads & Branch Offices

Published: Jan 12, 2022  |  By admin  |  Updated: Jun 27, 2023
Access to Cloud Workloads

It is a known fact that traditional network architectures weren’t built to handle the complexities of most digital transformation initiatives. No one can deny the benefits of technological advancement, but it has also resulted in some daunting challenges. For example, the distribution of business-critical services across multiple clouds requires an impenetrable layer of security.

The popularity of remote work has increased exponentially in the last decade or so. Similarly, more and more employees prefer to work from home, especially after COVID-19. Therefore, companies need to support remote workforce access where cloud hosted & SaaS applications can be accessed over broadband. However, it is quite challenging to enforce security policies while ensuring the highest levels of performance.

In addition to that, the number of cyberattacks is going up all the time. This is because hackers keep innovating and finding new ways to breach security systems. Hence, the need to protect sensitive data tunneled over to cloud data centers is critical. All the data packets that leave a branch office must be inspected by a stateful firewall and IPS solution before reaching the cloud data center.

How SD-WAN can be Helpful?

In recent times, many cloud datacenters have opted to use the software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN). This technology (when deployed in a service provider network) enables secure and simple cloud-enabled WAN connection. It utilizes different transport technologies to optimize and route traffic flow based on their performance over cost-effective broadband service.

SD-WAN can also be configured to prioritize traffic for critical applications with extremely low packet loss and latency. This allows the use of cost-effective connection types than MPLS and thereby, helps in improving employee productivity.

The cloud data centers that are equipped with NextGen SD-WAN services come with built-in security capabilities, such as firewall and IPS enabling. As a result, the services and applications they are hosting can only be accessed by defined internet destinations. These data centers also ensure malware protection and prevent additional equipment costs by offering all types of cloud workloads.

How Silver Touch can Accelerate Access to Cloud Workloads & Branch Offices?

Silver Touch cloud data centers consolidate all networking and security capabilities using SD-WAN solutions. It reduces the overall costs of hosting and the complexity of acquiring and maintaining stand-alone appliances from multiple vendors.

The entire network can be easily operated and managed from a single-pane-of-glass. All the policy configurations and updates are rolled out from the cloud and every resource is updated. This centralized system is ideal for every business because it is easy to use, scalable, and cost-effective.

Adopting cloud hosting with SDWAN enabled network service can also provide a predictable user experience to any business. This is because it offers secure access (visibility and control) to applications from all users.

We have worked with organizations of all sizes and helped them to overcome the challenges they were facing. Our datacenters offer optimized and secured connectivity to businesses by making their applications accessible around the world. All in all, Silver Touch provides a secure, fast, and scalable system for your business that will ensure a lower cost of ownership, better performance, and excellent user experience.

Why Choose Us?

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